At See Why Creative Designs, we offer two types of virtual tours that will showcase your listing.

Traditional 360 Virtual Tours:

First we offer the traditional 360 virtual tours. These virtual tours are one of the most economical ways to showcase your listing to potential buyers. These give buyers the experience of being in the home without actually being there. Unlike some virtual tours, ours are not merely a 'gimmick' that you can use to get clients to list with you. The image created in our tours are beautiful sharp and bright. Unlike some of the older generation of virtual tours, ours do not distort the images, this gives a more realistic representation of the room. These are great for homes of all sizes, from bachelor condos to multi-million dollar listings.

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High Definition Video:

The second type of virtual tour we offer are high-definition (HD) videos of your listing. HD videos are the new revolution to real estate marketing. If you are unfamiliar with this new concept, it is similar to watching your favorite reality home improvement tv show, where at the end of the program they reveal to the audience the final results. This new phenomenon is catching on with real estate agents - don't be left behind!

How does it work? Using an HD camera, our videographers will capture all the main features of your home. We will edit video to create a 3-4 minute tour of your listing. We will then host the video on YouTube, where you can link your web site and MLS listing.

These are perfect for homes of all sizes, and what makes these special is that you can focus on the key features of a room that are pleasing to the eye, and avoid the areas that are not.

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